• Tree Surgery & Ground
    Maintenance Specialists

  • Tree Surgery & Ground
    Maintenance Specialists

  • Tree Surgery & Ground
    Maintenance Specialists


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A & M Tree Surgery & Ground Maintenance Specialists North Wales & North West England

Tree Surgery & Services

A & M Tree Surgery & Ground Maintenance Specialists (Arborist) are highly motivated, qualified and Fully Insured to NPTC standard. Using specialist machinery from lowering rigging equipment to wood chippers and stump grinders. Providing tree removal, pruning, crowning, felling, stump grinding and more!! Working to ensure that we carry out a highly recommended and professional service to all our customers.

Ground Maintenance & Services

Our grounds maintenance services include stump/root removal, mowing and cutting grass and lawns, hedge cutting or removal and weed control. Having an impressive exterior to your home or premises is important in making that first impression or simply because you want it your way because it is home. We guarantee exceptional customer satisfaction.

Environmentally Aware

We fully understand the importance of trees, the landscape and its place in our society. Our team have carried out their services for many sectors and people from domestic and commercial to trade and landscapers, from England/Wales and all the way up to Scotland. We undertake all work to the highest standards and inline with NPTC regulations. No job is too big or too small...

Highly Qualified

Our qualifications can be viewed in the F.A.Q. "Are you qualified?" section below.

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A tree surgeon/arborist is a highly experienced/qualified person who prunes and treats all species of trees in order to preserve them, however, in the case of public health and safety, some are required to be removed.
We have £5 million public liability insurance and £10 million employers liability insurance.

All qualifications are a Lantra qualification and NPTC.

  • (CS30) - Chainsaw maintenance and Crosscutting
  • (CS31) - Felling & Processing Trees up to 380mm
  • (CS32) - Felling & Processing Trees over 380mm
  • (CS40) - Aerial Tree Pruning
  • (CS41) - Aerial Tree Rigging / Dismantling
  • (CS50) - Emergency Tree Works (inc Windblown)


  • (CS38) - Tree climbing & Aerial Rescue / Safe Use of Chainsaw in the Canopy of a tree
  • (CS39) - Aerial Cutting Of Trees Using Free Fall Techniques / Crown Thinning & Reduction


  • Chipper Operator
  • Stump Grinders
  • Strimmers
  • Brush cutters
  • Clearing Saws
Our quote includes the removal of all arisings produced from the work, however, we can provide logging if requested which may decrease the cost. (Please ask for this in the initial quotation)
Absolutely not, we provide free quotes not estimates which means the price we quote is the price customers pay. We don’t ask for payment until the customer has inspected and approved the finished work.
We predominately cover North Wales & North West England, however, work further afield when requested by customers.
Many factors affect the cost of tree work and it is impossible to predict the price prior to an inspection. All quotes are given after the tree has been inspected.

Why you should choose us

Independent venture

With over 15 years experience at providing Tree Surgery & Ground Maintenance in North Wales / North West England and Scotland.

Customer Satisfaction

With 46 years combined military experience we guarantee quality assurance and professionalism to every aspect of our work.

Environmental Impact

We are always looking for sustainable development and focus on reducing our carbon footprint wherever possible.

Simple Pricing

What we quote is what you pay!!